Life And Health Insurance

We offer the best way to ensure high quality and effective management of health cost!

Supplementary to social benefits provided, offers additional benefits which protect you from unpredictable and possible "catastrophic" expenses.

The consequence of health loss is not only physical pain but also anxiety to face the expenses required to regain ones health.

Your desire during these difficult times is the direct and humanly confrontation in the best possible environment and the financil support in confronting expenses which will definitely occur.

Your most valuable possession is your health and can create the best possible Plan based on your needs and what you are in the position to afford.

We indicate some of the covers which may be included in a Life & Health Plan:

  • Life Insurance
  • Hospitalization and Out-of Hospital relief
  • Retirement Insurance Plan
  • Income Security in the event of partial or total disability caused by accident or illness
  • Maternity allowance
  • Surgery allowance
  • Hospitalization allowance