Property Insurance

Household all risk cover for fire, earthquake, theft, flood, etc.

Motor Insurance
In co-operation with the largest and most reliable insurance companies, most competitive motor insurance packets are provided, which include apart from compulsory covers (bodily injuries, third party material damages), optional covers such as: Fire - Terrorism Actions - Theft (total and/or partial) - Acts of God - Vehicle Own Damages - Glass Breakage - Road Assistance - Personal Accident of Driver - Legal Protection - Fire Liability and/or Transported Vehicle - Car Rental, etc.

Yacht Insurance for Private or Professional use

  • Sailing Yachts for Pleasure
  • Motor Yachts for Pleasure
  • Passengers Vessels
  • Floating Units
  • Crew Coverage
  • Compulsory Third Party Liability

Cover for fire, sinking, collision, theft, third party liability, malicious acts, mechanical damages, personal accident of owner or passengers, loss of personal belongings.

Life Insurance
In co-operation with the largest, most reliable and specialized insurance companies, most competitive insurance packets and provided:

  • Life
  • Hospitalization
  • Security of Studies
  • Pension
  • Income protection for partial or total disability from accident or illness.