The confrontation of a risk is one of the most important factors for the unhindered growth and profitability of a Company of the present. Athens Insurance Brokers , together with their expert consultants may suggest and support the development of specialized programmes for:

  • Diagnosis and identification of all risks which a Company may face.
  • Dealing with possible effects implied by the risks.
  • Elimination or minimizing of the effects of these risks.
  • Evaluation of the required insurance cover.
  • Continuous updating of company's staff regarding new approach in the field of insurance cover.
  • Settlement and Compensation for accidents / incidents that may be caused by the Drivers and/or Third Parties in Motorway Concession Projects.

Athens Insurance Brokers is: contributor and advisor for the confrontation of every possible or impossible Company risk.

At the reinsurance field AIB provides completed services towards the insurance companies