Engineering & Construction(C.A.R. / E.A.R. / C.E.C.R.)

Construction insurance is very important as it insures the project against hazards like fire, natural hazards, earthquake, bad workmanship, faulty design, but it also provides liability insurance for claims from third parties and the employees of the project.

What Can Be Covered
We Have Insured and We Insure
We have insured major Construction Projects We insure the Concessions Projects
  • Operation of Olympia Odos
  • Operation of Rion – Antirrion Bridge

Professional Pleasure Yachts

Protect your professional investment (with or without crew) with yacht insurance which includes compulsory third party liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage and marine pollution, as well as insurance coverage for the boat itself for any marine accident which can be caused by negligence or unforeseen factors.

Basic Coverages
in Bareboats Insurance

Group Insurance

You can offer important benefits to your personnel through the Employee Benefits Insurance. This kind of insurance offers benefits to your company (tax exemption, satisfied personnel) and to your employees.

Basic Benefits

Credit Insurance

A cover that protects the policyholder in the event of a customer becoming insolvent or failing to pay its trade credit debts. It also covers the risk of default that could lead to severe impact to your financial statements and the sustainability of your company.

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Surety Bonds

An insurance policy that offers special privileges and flexibility to enterprises for new business undertakings.

It provides the opportunity to obtain insurance letters of guarantee to cover construction or service contracts liabilities, with particular benefits during a period of illiquidity without binding the total debt limits from the bank accounts and/or borrowing (external financing).

Types of Insurance policies
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Cargo Insurance

Secure your goods transported around the world through Cargo insurance. With specialized coverage depending on the type of goods and the way they are being distributed.

Special Insurance Clauses